From Brisbane, Qld Australia, contemporary Christian singer-songwriter Alison Harbottle longs to bring the body of Christ into a deep and anointed place of worship through her songs. Devoted to bringing the sound of heaven to earth, she desires to communicate what the Lord is saying to the church in these days. 
With a distinctive sound influenced by the likes of Michael W.Smith, Alison’s songs are predominantly Scripture-based but in a modern style. Her violin features on most tracks, as she seeks to draw worshippers closer to the Lord through praise & worship. 
Having grown up in a house filled with music and being a 4th generation musician, the call on Alison’s life was clear from early on. She has seen church music change enormously over the last 30 years, yet nothing surprises her more than to be writing praise & worship music herself. “I always thought of myself as an arranger or performer, taking someone else’s songs and making something of them. It’s only really in the last 5 years that I’ve come to realise that the Lord has called me to write.” Alison has played on many albums and collections since 1997, for a variety of artists, and has also as toured Canada, the US, Japan, South Korea and Europe. 
Alison is working on her debut EP, “We Stand In Awe”. A snapshot of what the Lord has been saying to her in recent years, these 6 tracks are a mix of those with her own lyrics and others based on Psalms. “I really felt that these songs were for the wider body of Christ/Christian community, not just for me,” she said, “and I’m coming to a deeper understanding of the enormous blessing in singing Scripture.” From high intensity to close intimacy, each song reflects a different aspect or season of the Christian journey. 
Alison seeks to let the Lord speak to people through her music. Hope & healing are recurrent themes in her life, and she thinks these things are exactly what the world needs. She hopes to see God’s people grow in their understanding and experience of praise & worship, and above all desire to see the Lord glorified through her music.

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